Story Beats: Operate Now Stories

Story Beats: Operate Now Stories


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    Spil Games
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選擇你自己的道路,享受驚人的故事情節。 你做的每個選擇都很重要。 潛入沉浸式的視覺故事,混合浪漫,冒險和戲劇。 但是要明智地選擇! 你的決定將會改變這些驚心動魄的故事的每一個過程! 游戲功能-在你開始你的故事之前定制你的主要角色的化身。 - 做出決定幾十個迷人人物命運的選擇。 發掘這些精彩故事的所有潛在結局。 - 透過互動書籍游戲,探索高質素的故事情節。 - 享受一個精彩的劇目,劇中人物來自動手術室: 醫院。 繼續你的冒險,新的故事和更新不斷增加。這里是互動的書,你可以找到現在的故事節拍: 書1-現在動手術: cr * * * 播放黑茲爾,一個新的外科醫生誰剛剛被解雇后,收到一系列匿名投訴。 但是她不會失業太久,因為附近的公寓被大火燒毀了。 接下來是黑茲爾的驚險故事,一個年輕的外科醫生。 - 拯救那些迫切需要你幫助的病人。 愛上 reo 然后享受史詩般的愛情故事第二卷 beautyunmaskedalicia 是個沮喪的女服務員,她寧愿成為一個著名作家。 在收到神秘邀請后,她可能會有機會去巴比倫海灘醫院找名人八卦,那是一家豪華的整形外科診所。 查出神秘的兔子博士的身份。 查明一位著名流行歌星失蹤的真相。 潛入一段激動人心的愛情三角關系第三冊-希望醫學博士扮演一個自命不凡的外科醫生 madeline hope 從波士頓飛奔到她的家鄉 shelton bay。 颶風即將來臨,它可能永遠改變她所珍愛的每個人的生活。 在你父親在暴風雨中失蹤后去找他。 看看能不能和一個叫 thom 的高中戀人重修舊好。 ——秘密、陰謀和激情都可以在 hope m.d. 中找到?,F在你只需要做出一個選擇: 當故事在你眼前展開時,你愿意跟上所有這些激動人心的戲劇嗎? 免責聲明故事節奏是一個免費的互動故事游戲,但是你可以用真金白銀購買游戲中的物品和優質內容。

Choose your own path while you enjoy breathtaking storylines. Every choice you make will matter. Dive into immersive visual stories that mix together romance, adventure, and drama. But choose wisely! Your decisions will change the course of each one of these thrilling tales!


- Customize your main characters’ avatars before you begin their story.
- Make choices that will determine the fates of dozens of fascinating characters.
- Discover all the potential endings to these exciting stories.
- Explore high-quality storylines in this interactive book game.
- Enjoy an exciting drama featuring characters from Operate Now: Hospital.
- Continue your adventures as new stories and updates are added regularly.

Here’s the interactive books you’ll find right now in Story Beats:

Play as Hazel, a new surgeon who’s just been terminated after receiving a series of anonymous complaints. But she won’t stay unemployed for long as a fire ravages a nearby apartment complex.

- Follow the thrilling story of Hazel, a young surgeon.
- Save the lives of patients who desperately need your help.
- Fall in love with Reo and enjoy an epic love story.

BOOK 2- #BeautyUnmasked
Alicia is a frustrated waitress who would much rather be a famous writer. She may just get the chance after she receives a mysterious offer to go searching for celebrity gossip behind the gates of Babylon Beach Hospital, a luxurious plastic surgery clinic.

- Figure out the identity of the mysterious Dr. Rabbit.
- Discover the truth behind the disappearance of a famous pop star.
- Dive into the middle of an exciting love triangle.

Play as a hotshot surgeon named Madeline Hope as she races from Boston to her hometown of Shelton Bay. A hurricane is on the way and it could forever change the lives of everyone she holds dear.

- Go in search of your father after he goes missing in the storm.
- See if you can rekindle your relationship with an old high school crush named Thom.
- Secrets, intrigue, and passion can all be found in Hope M.D.

There’s only one choice that you need to make right now: are you willing to keep up with all of these breathtaking dramas as Story Beats unfolds right before your eyes?

Story Beats is a free interactive story game, but you will be able to purchase in-game items and premium content with real money.


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